Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing themin the name of the Father and the Son and the Hoy Spirit. teaching them to do all that I have commmanded you...

Matthew 28:19-20


India: Our support to help a church plant finish their building enabled them to finish the church and move in. Their pastor sent a huge thank you to our church family. Pray for the evangelistic impact in through their outreach ministires.


China: Krystal Lair Scott is leading a program that bring the Good News to students all over China through instructors who are trained to teach English. Over the summer, instructors come from all over the world for this incredible minisitry!


Reynosa/Vamos Tamaulipas: Since we began work with Fred Collum over 10 years ago, the Lord as led us to help build a wonderful community center. The center has served as a hub for the surrounding colonias while they contine to build relationships with the community leaders and school officials.



Twice a month, Storehouse gives out food after church to anyone who needs it. Members from our body support this ministry both with offerings above and beyond their regular tithe, and by shopping for extra groceries and bringing them to church throughout the year.


Adopt-A-Block “adopts” a local motel or low-rent apartment building and consistently provides care for the people who live there. We plan various outings and events to simply meet new people and love them right where they are, the way Christ loves us.

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